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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Police Search For Death Note Owner

Recently, the America has been experiencing unusual numbers of death in celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Bily Mays, Frank McCourt, and Walter Cronkite. As the result, the mourns in America never ends these days.

Now, the police is investigating for a potential owner of a "Death Note". Death Note is a demon's note that will instantly kills person if one's name gets on that notes. However, these demons can leave their Death Note to this world by mistake, and any human could have picked it up by accident.

Knowing this, the police suspect that the series of death is caused by the death note. The police has some ideas of suspect. Some of the characteristics of the suspects are listed below:
  • Otaku - It is term used for Japanese anime freak. Since the Death Note originated from anime, there will be no surprise if the Death Note's owner is an otaku.
  • Californian - Most of Otaku lives in California since the state has high percentage of Asians.
  • This person hates Hollywood
This is big news, but there are only small numbers of officers involved in this case because the note's owner only have to find out their name to get killed.

However, there will be a reward for arresting the killer. The rewards include:
  • free playstation 3
  • free iPhone
  • payed mortgage
  • payed credit loans
  • payed any loans
  • never have to pay tax
The police believes these rewards will be good motivation for the officers.

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