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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pentagon Urges the Japanese to Summon Godzilla

The Pentagon announced that the U.S. will officially ask the Japanese government to summon their nemesis, "Godzilla". There were many reasons behind this serious announcement, but according to one of the Pentagon officials, the current economic recession was their "biggest reason" to call Japan for help in this war.

With the current financial strain, the Pentagon's officials were worried that with the U.S. will lose the war on terror before their budget runs out. Hence, winning the war as soon as possible was essential to avoid bankruptcy of their department.

The emergency meeting was called to all the top Pentagon officials to come up with the fastest and the cheapest strategy to win the war. After hours of careful planning, one of the official yelled, "Godzilla!". The room was momentarily filled with a silence, and it was followed by roaring cheers from the officials. Everyone in the room agreed that summoning Godzilla was the key to win the wars because Godzilla is cheap, powerful, and friendly to the environment.

Immediately after the announcement was made, the at&t and apple have immediately made an announcement for their new product, an apple iGodzilla. The iGodzilla will give backup support for the Godzilla during the war, but the product will be made for safe public use also. The product has the following features:
  • free at&t family plan
  • free at&t tv service
  • free at&t internet service
  • free at&t date service
  • free at&t and apple application
  • free access to apple itunes
  • free earphone - made for Godzilla
  • free at&t nuclear power service
  • free at&t radiation meals for Godzilla
  • free at&t etc...
The politicians are thrilled by it because the idea will potentially end the war on terror and get the U.S. out from recession with iGodzilla Boom.

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