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Friday, July 31, 2009

AIG Executives Experience Chronic Depression From Salary Cuts

Recently, AIG made bonus cuts from each executive by 1 million dollars. Now instead of having 500million dollars salary, each executive now receives 499 million dollar salary. However, the report from Washington indicates that there are sharp increase of chronic depression among the AIG officials. The study shows the direct correlation between the salary cuts and the depression. The salary cuts were made in order to reshape the crippled company. However, many of the executive begged to not cut the salary.

One of the executive states, "Living with 499million dollar salary is unimaginable!".

Apparently the life without 30million dollar toilet, 10 million dollar condoms, 50 million dollar pool, and 100 million dollar tank shooting range is unimaginable. In addition, they claim that the cost to keep a trophy wife in home is approximately 200 million dollar.
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